Sunday, December 19, 2010

Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

I guess I'm on a roll with my closets in the house. Now that the hallway closet has been marked off the list, the master bedroom is ready for its turn to be organized. I was more than happy that some time and a little money was going to be invested in this beauty, as it's been an eyesore from day one.

My biggest pet-peeves of this closet? Firstly, the opening was only half of the width of the closet, making it near impossible to access the sides. If any clothes went past the opening, they were not going to be worn. Adding a sliding door to the mix made it that much more difficult to get things in and out. And of course, being the lady of the house, my things fill 75% of the space. It's just the way it is.

So here are the before pictures:

"Her" side:

"His" Side:

A view inside: Two long shelves span the length of the closet. The opening of the closet makes these hard to access; and as you can see, the space is not organized.

This view shows you the lovely wallpaper that lined the closet. It was put up with remnants, so the pieces did not run floor to ceiling and there were several seams. The wallpaper, luckily, was VERY OLD, so it was paper and not vinyl, making it easy to remove. A little hot water and a sponge it came right off.
Once the doors were removed, the shelves taken down, and the wallpaper removed, the inside was ready for a coat of primer and paint. Parts of the walls had never been painted. Although I don't think the inside of the closet has to be beautiful, it is much easier to find your clothes, and compare colours of items, if you have a crisp white or cream wall to compare it against.

Covering the closet is a pair of shears that used to cover our bedroom windows. This is a much better use for them. They are hung on a rod that wraps to the wall.

Hidden behind the edges of the drapes are these fantastic tie-backs. They will be great at tying back the drapes when we are accessing the closet.

When the curtains are open, the closet looks like this:

The inside has been fitted with a Rubbermaid closet system from Home Depot. For our use we have a small section tucked to the right that is used for a small collection of dresses. Then we have two levels of rods for shirts (top) and pants (bottom), plus some room for shelves above that section and to the left in the closet.

All in all, I'm in love with my newly organized space.

Consider starting your New Year with a newly organized space too! Give me a call at 613-828-6965 to get started.