Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spotlight on Danielle Lynn Photography - Donor for Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition

As you are likely aware, last month, I was busy working with a team of Ottawa Designers putting the final touches on what is the newly renovated and decorated space at the Good Companions Centre in downtown Ottawa. This was a Kindness Week charity event that was brought to light by the Yummy Mummy Club and the United Way.

All of the materials, labour, furniture, accessories and media coverage has been donated to the cause. One such donator is the lovely and talented Danielle of Danielle Lynn Photography. She was asked to join the team to capture the makeover in pictures.
Beauty can be found in all things and Danielle Lynn has an absolute gift of taking a moment and capturing that beauty. She specializes in a modern take on lifestyle photography by using natural light, an interesting surrounding, and a subject and turning it into a piece of art. You don’t have to take my word for it, just have a look at her website and you will be wowed by how she can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

A sentiment on one of her recent blog entries…
… I think this is why photography is so important to me in my life. Because if we don’t have, appreciate and remember what and who we have, what do we have? We really have nothing…” That's why we take pictures. To remember the people, the moments, the tears and the laughter. I think we can all appreciate that. And we appreciate Danielle Lynn for taking the time, showing some kindness and sharing all these beautiful pictures so you can see how others are making a difference.

This is our team working hard to beautify the space, and having a fun time doing it...(all pictures courtesy of Danielle Lynn Photography)

After a lot of hard work by our design team, our donators, and our construction crew from D.E. Konstruction Ltd, here is the new space.

Design Team from L-R: Donna Hargrove (dh designs), Kelly James (Jax Decor and Design), Sonya Kinkade (Sonya Kinkade Design), Lisa Goulet (Lisa Goulet Design), Nicole Duguay (Solace Interiors), Maureen Coates (MODECOR), Mary Anne van Gaal (Otta Decorate!)

A very happy Ann McSweeney, Executive Director The Good Companions
Seeing the space for the first time...

As you can see, making over this space really made it inviting and warm. After all doesn't everyone need a nice cozy space to hang out in, regardless of your age. Danielle captures that happiness beautifully. If you are looking to capture a moment in time, do it well...call Danielle Lynn Photography.

And if your home needs a little makeover (or a big one), give me a call at 613-828-6965 to get started.


  1. Every time I look at pictures of The Good Companions, I'm amazed again by what we were able to accomplish. And a big part of that is thanks to our donors. Thank you Danielle for donating your time and talent to make what we did look so good in pictures!

  2. Wonderful post Nicole! Danielle's work is amazing and we were so very lucky to have her with us on this great project!