Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reason #1 to Hire an Interior Decorator: Paint Colours

So here we are with a brand new year.  There is something about changing over to that fresh calendar that always feels so good.  A new year brings new possibilities and adventures, new opportunities to make ourselves and our spaces the best they can be.

This year I would like to bring you a bi-weekly blog detailing how hiring a certified interior decorator, like myself, can save you a lot of time, money and frustration, while altering your personal environment for the better.  We all know what it feels like when a room is "just right".  How can you achieve that? Let's start with something as basic as paint colour.

Now, anyone can go to the paint store and pick a colour.  After all, how many of you painted your room beige, thinking it was going to go with everything, but it didn't work.  Why are there so many beiges and whites?  Well, that's because they are all different!  Some beige will read as pink or red
Benjamin Moore HC-48 Bradstreet Beige
like Benjamin Moore's Bradstreet Beige, while others will look green like Benjamin Moore's Hemp Seed. 
Benjamin Moore CC-578 Hemp Seed
Some will come across as grey and others will change dramatically as the light changes in your room.  Speaking of light, did you know that the amount and quality of light, both natural and artificial, will also greatly affect the colour.  Do you still think you can pick the perfect colour, in a paint store, with all fluorescent light?

The next time you decide to spend money on several gallons of paint, and all the time it takes to paint a room, think how much you'll save in time and money by hiring a certified interior decorator to come and give you some paint colour choices.  Our extensive training in colour allows us to see what is in a colour, allowing us to choose between colours to make the optimum choice for your space and your existing finishes.

Wondering just how much can you save?  An average big box store sells a gallon of paint for roughly $50.  Figure you'll need a couple gallons for an average room to give you decent coverage.  That's $100, plus the ceiling, which often needs a colour other than pure flat white to show off your furnishings to their best potential.  There are after all even more types of white than there are beiges!  So adding in the ceiling paint, you've spent $150 (+$200 for a brand name paint).  Choose the wrong colour and you'll be spending a whole weekend--two or more times, plus $150--two or more times, when you could have paid an interior decorator $100-200 ONCE and got it right the first time.  How much is YOUR time worth?

Save your time and your money, and get it right the first time. 

Until next time,

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  1. Great advice, Nicole. Sometimes I feel like I need to hire a decorator to help me choose paint colours for my house! It really is easier to choose colours for clients than for yourself.

  2. Wonderful post Nicole! Great advice for everyone.