Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reason #2 to Hire an Interior Decorator: Matching Grandma's Favourite Chair

So most of us, when changing the decor in a space have limitations.  They might be an existing tile that can't be replaced,
 some drapes that you paid a lot of money for 3 years ago and can't afford to buy again right away,

or it might be Grandma's favourite chair that she's either using or has such sentimental value, it can't be changed.

Grandma's chair...Source:
Or maybe these finishes or chair styles are not the problem, it's that your tastes has changed and it's time for some new things.

We all have decorating limitations.  It's the interior decorator's job to work within those limitations and still make your space as fabulous as possible.  I worked for a couple of years as a design consult at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.  During that time, I was frequently given the challenge to coordinate with some existing furniture in the client's home.  In most cases, it was entirely possible to bring in new things to blend, disguise or hide the challenge in the room.

So bring it to us...we LOVE challenges.

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  1. Working with what a client already has can definitely be a challenge! But that's why interior decorator's can be so invaluable - we can make a room really shine whether it's by disguising something the client doesn't like or by showcasing a special piece.